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  comoace - A gift from nature -

     comoace is just like gifts from nature
Our company name “SEIREN” is originally a word means a process of producing silk yarn. Through 125 years of history,
SEIREN found out the amazing power of silk protein, so called “Sericin”, like moisuture keeping, skin whitening,
anti-aging and so on. “comoace” is Seiren’s original bland of cosmetic products, using sericin’s amazing effect for
skin care, it’s just like “a gift from nature.”

Sericin is a natural protein derived from silkworm cocoons. Sericin protects cocoons from a variety of external stimuli, and we discovered that it also has an anti-aging effect on humans. We have harnessed this effect for the development and sale of health-promoting products, such as fabrics, cosmetics, and medical materials that are easy on the skin.

     Medical Products
SAHA Seiren's technology actively contributes to the medical field, where a high level of safety and quality control is required. We manufacture and sell medical products that contribute to a healthy and comfortable lifestyle while continuing to deepen and integrate our technological achievements.

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