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  Apparel Textiles / Garments

Traditionally, apparel business consists of variety firms in different fields, like yarn manufacturer, knitting firm, dyeing, cut & sew, merchandise, retail. This traditional business model tends to cause inefficiency due to such long supply chain. With SEIREN group’s unique business model, our apparel factory in Kabinburi enables “vertical integrated manufacturing system” which cannot be seen in other firms in the world. Starting from yarn supplied from our group company, knitting, dyeing & processing, cut & sew, all these processes can be done in one factory. Moreover, SEIREN’s innovative full-color digital dyeing system “VISCOTECS” offers the highest quality print products with less energy and less usage of water. Our “earth-friendly” apparel factory evolutionally makes them possible, “short lead time”, “flexible production”, “total quality control” in apparel business, to meet quick changing market demands.





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