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      Saha Seiren Privacy Policy
Saha Seiren Co., Ltd., and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as "Saha Seiren") respects and regards the rights and benefits concerning our customers' personal information with the highest priority. Saha Seiren understands the foundation of its business and social responsibility lies in the protection of customers' personal information. According to such a point of view, Saha Seiren has established the following privacy policy, and ensures conformance to such policy on this Web site, too.
  1. Appropriate Collection, Use, Provision, and Deposit of Personal Information
   1. Saha Seiren collects personal information after stipulating the purposes of use to and obtaining the consent from
       each individual. The personal information collected shall be appropriately used within the scope of purposes        expressly described.

   2. The personal information collected will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without consent from the
        customer. However, when there are exceptional reasons stipulated by law, Saha Seiren may disclose personal
        information to a third party.

   3. If it is necessary for smooth business operations, Saha Seiren may entrust the handling of personal information to        an external body, etc. In the event thatSaha Seiren deposits the collected information with an external body,        Saha Seiren will select a body that meets adequate standards of personal information protection and make a        contract with it to make it observe the standards for the proper use of information.


  2. Prevention of Loss, Destruction, Falsification, Leakage, and Unauthorized Access of
      Personal Information
   Saha Seiren shall strictly manage and take measures to protect personal information of customers against every    danger including falsification, leakage, or unauthorized access. Saha Seiren shall set up specific rules on the    appropriate handling and management of personal information and appoint a responsible person in each department    that uses such information.


  3. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information
   Saha Seiren accepts and promptly responds to the requests for reference to, correction, update, deletion, or refusals of    use of provided personal data within a reasonable range, in the case where Saha Seiren confirms that such requests    are made by the customer.


  4. Compliance to Laws and Regulations Relating to Personal Information
   Saha Seiren's executives, employees, and entrusted bodies observe, when handling personal information, the    domestic and international laws and guidelines relating to the protection of personal information.


  5. Continuous Improvement of Policy and Internal Rules for Protection of Personal
   Saha Seiren shall continuously improve its policy and internal rules for protection of personal information so that the    protection of personal information required by the society is effectively realized.


July 2011
Saha Seiren may change the privacy policy stated above. If it makes changes concerning the policy, you will be notified about the changes on this Web site.
《 For inquiries about this policy, please contact us》

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